Why have exit interviews?

March 30, 2011 - TAGS: Employers

Employee turnover is something all businesses deal with, and it can be costly. Implementing exit interviews into your employee departure process can allow you to understand your business from the employees' point of view and identify potential areas for improvement within your organization.

While the concept of allowing a departing employee to judge your workplace may seem a little unsettling, it can actually prove quite beneficial, especially when done with employees who are leaving voluntarily. Employees who are leaving involuntarily may not be as objective as those who have made the choice to go.

Benefits of an exit interview:

Providing an exit interview for your departing employees is a great way to gain valuable insights that may help in the training of new employees or successors. This information can also give you the upper hand when interviewing potential employees, defining roles or conducting a SWOT analysis.

Things to consider when doing exit interviews:

For more information on departing employees and exit interviews, visit our Departing Employees page.


Posted by Raguvaran on April 16, 2012
Should the interview be done by human resources or by a third party ?
Posted by Canada Business Network on April 19, 2012
Hello Raguvaran,

The decision is entirely up to you and could depend on the size of your business and how formal you want the exit interview to be. Generally, if your business is large enough, a representative from the human resources department would hold the interview. If not, the departing employee’s supervisor may choose to do it. For more on exit interviews, take a look at this information from Service Canada.

All the best.

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