This guest blog post is provided by Statistics Canada who is responsible for producing statistics that help Canadians better understand their country — its population, resources, economy, society and culture.

The Business Register is a rich source of data on Canadian businesses, which makes it a valuable research tool for entrepreneurs and for managers of small, medium, and large businesses. It is compiled by Statistics Canada, the nation's most reliable statistics provider.

The register paints a comprehensive picture of Canadian and Canadian-affiliated businesses. That is why savvy business people across Canada, from multinational enterprises to sole proprietors, already use the Business Register to inform their decision-making processes.

If you need to know where your business fits among your competitors, the Business Register is a thorough, reliable resource that provides key information on the business population according to size, industry and geography. You can find data on the business composition of many sectors, including the retail, financial, service, and manufacturing sectors.

Whether you need an overview of business in Canada, data on a subsector that's relevant to your enterprise, or anything in between, the Business Register is available to you. You can access information at the provincial level free of charge through CANSIM's easy-to-use interface.

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