Social media: Is your business part of the conversation?

February 13, 2012 - TAGS: E-business, Marketing

The vast majority of Canadians are now using some form of social media to create and consume content. The more time Canadians spend on the Internet, the more opportunity there is for your business to reach them there.

Have you thought how you could be using social media in your business?

Social media is a way to network with your customers, chat with other business owners, and keep abreast of what is happening in their industry.

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Posted by zzzzzzzzzzz on May 25, 2012
Je n'approuve pas dutout que vous influenciez les gens à aller sur les réseaux sociaux pour en savoir plus sur les employés. Ce n'est pas éthique!
Posted by Evo on July 5, 2012
Yes, I do love social media too but not all works for me. I've also noticed that it doesn't work for all types of niche. I do bookmarking and networking but never have used pod casting since in the back of my head I have a strong feeling that it's not the perfect SEM/SEO strategy for my sites. It's true that at first you really have to know who your audience is before jumping on with your strategies.

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