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July 23, 2010 - TAGS: Managing

Your business could be targeted by con artists and scammers.

Businesses are built on relationships with your suppliers, with your bank and with your customers. Scammers may sometimes try to use those relationships to take advantage of your business.

As an example, say you receive an offer to advertise with a well-known directory, or one of your suppliers has a limited time special offer. This is a pretty general occurrence in your day-to-day business. However, when you get the invoice, you see that you are being charged much more than expected. Take a closer look at that invoice. Perhaps, the address or phone number is wrong. Maybe the company logo looks familiar, but appears to be subtly different. At this point, you realize you haven't been dealing with the company you thought you were. You have been targeted in a scam.

Scammers are counting on you to trust the businesses you regularly deal with and for your business practices to be so routine that it is easy to miss minor details. A little bit of caution can go a long way to protecting your business.

There are numerous online resources to help you identify and protect yourself from fraud. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre helps you recognize, report and stop fraud. As well, the Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus has information about fraud and directories, so you can find out if a business or charity is legitimate or not. From your bank's perspective, the Fraud and Security page of the Canadian Bankers Association also provides background to help you combat bank-related criminal activity.

For more information, check out our page on Security and Fraud.


Posted by Ash on July 27, 2010
How do you stop con artists who throw spam mail in a business email account daily. I signed up for advertising my business on the internet and it appears my business email is being sold or referred to these spammers.
Posted by Canada Business Network on August 19, 2010
Hi Ash,

You may want to contact your internet service provider to find out what filters can be provided on your business email account to combat some of the spam you are receiving. As well, you can also contact the company where you signed up for business advertising directly to find out what policy/guidelines they use for their business advertising.

Industry Canada's Office of Consumer Affairs has a website that provides tips on combating spam. You can access the Stop Spam Here site at:'
Posted by F. on January 25, 2011
There is an invention company in Toronto that took $5,000.00 of my money did nothing for me and I never heard back from them. How can I report this company and notify future clients.
Posted by Canada Business Network on February 1, 2011

If your product is protected by a patent or if you are in the process of patenting your product, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office may be able to help you.

You may wish to lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau who will contact the other party and work with you both to resolve the issue. In some cases, mediation or arbitration services will be offered.

Best of luck resolving this issue.
Posted by anonymous on March 19, 2011
How do you stop FAKE re branding of equipment in Canada.

When I mean Fake (False Manufacturing Claim) - Equipments are manufactured in China, but they claim its manufactured elsewhere. They pull out the old label and stick their company label on it.

Certification of equipment - Claim from Australia and other country. (Only on Paper)

Please assist me as I can provide more information on this company.
Posted by Canada Business Network on March 21, 2011
@ Anonymous

You can find out about certain false marketing claims and how to file a complaint by contacting Canada's Competition Bureau.

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