Product labelling: know the requirements

January 20, 2014 - TAGS: Products, Marketing, Regulations

Along with the 4 “Ps” of marketing (product, price, place and promotion) comes packaging. Your packaging may be designed to attract buyers, but what must you include on the label to meet regulations? Learn how to label your consumer product while meeting the requirements of the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act.

Main requirements:

You must present all information on your product labels, both symbols and words, in a clear way. False or misleading representations are prohibited. You can't make any false performance claims; you have to be able to back them up. You must disclose all material details and information in your advertisements, and you can't sell above your advertised price. The objective is to be straightforward and clear with your customers.

Certain types of products have specific extra rules such as:

Proper packaging and labelling of your products is a mandatory requirement. By following these regulations, you're presenting product information as clearly as possible, so that your customers can read and understand what they're buying. For more information, check out our marketing, advertising and sales regulations.


Posted by usha on January 22, 2014
Posted by Eli on June 23, 2014
Merci beaucoup pour cet article. Ces informations sont bien claires et elles répondent à mes questions. J'ai commencé une petite entreprise et je suis entrain de faire les motifs et le logo pour nos étiquettes.

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