This guest blog post is provided by Statistics Canada who is responsible for producing statistics that help Canadians better understand their country — its population, resources, economy, society and culture.

As an entrepreneur, you may be faced with a variety of human resources issues. Often these issues are tied to the labour market, whose fluctuations can influence the competitiveness of Canadian small and medium-sized business. Perspectives on Labour and Income, a monthly online magazine from Statistics Canada, can help you make sense of these complex human resources issues with clear summaries of emerging trends.

Perspectives is an impartial tool to help you understand, analyze, measure and manage human capital. It examines topics that affect your business every day, such as work-life balance issues, self-employment patterns, regional trends of employment, the aging of the labour force, earnings and income in Canada, and much more.

If you need to make decisions for your small business regarding labour and income, Perspectives could be of value. Use it to:

  • Assess how trends in wages can affect your labour negotiations
  • Compare your organization to others within your industry
  • Project how employment trends will affect the demand for your goods or services

Whether you are conducting benchmarking research, making changes in your approach to human resources or preparing a new marketing campaign, it is always useful to build up a collection of reference material that includes data and analysis. Information about trending demographics could affect how you view your market and any changes in your customers' needs. You may use some of this statistical data to re-think your recruitment process or the training you provide for your employees. Learning more about work absences may show you how to prevent or reduce absenteeism among your own employees. Peruse the archives for relevant topics that could help shed some light on situations that are specific to your business.

Recent articles include:

  • The financial well-being of the self-employed

    This article examines various income, wealth and spending indicators among the self-employed and compares them with the same indicators for paid employees.

  • Immigrant self-employment

    Differing attitudes of immigrants and natives towards self-employment are highlighted with data from the 2000 Survey of Self-employment.

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