Fun in the Snow: Winter Tourism

November 18, 2010 - TAGS: Customers, Tourism

With winter just around the corner, many tourism businesses in Ontario are winding down for the season. But the dropping temperatures don't mean that your tourism business has to go into hibernation until the spring. There are a number of winter events and activities that can bring customers to your establishment throughout the colder months.

The Ontario Trails Council works to create and maintain a world class provincial network of outdoor trails for winter outdoor activities. You can take advantage of the work being done by the province by catering to people coming to the area in search of:

By offering these services, you can attract new customers who are exploring the trails and coming to your area in search of winter activities.

And winter tourism isn't just about athletics; there are a variety of cultural and artistic winter events happening throughout Ontario. Winter festivals and events in Ontario can draw many tourists to your region and to your business. Your customers could be people visiting Ontario to:

To find out what's going on in your area and how you might be able to tap into local events, contact your Regional Tourism Organization (RTO). You can also register your tourism business on and make it available to customers looking for events and information all year round.

To learn more about the tourism industry, check out our section on Travel and tourism.

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