Five Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur

May 19, 2010 - TAGS: Entrepreneurship, Startup

You've most likely heard about the long hours, commitment and determination needed to run a business, especially in the first few years. So, why do so many Canadians choose to operate their own business? These five reasons may shed some light on the question.

1. Creativity: Using your creativity and energy to achieve something that inspires you can be very rewarding. Starting, running and growing a business can provide a high level of satisfaction.

2. Independence: The freedom that comes with operating a business can lure many people. You don't need to convince your boss - you are the boss. You make the products you believe in and you can offer the services your clients want.

3. Solutions: You have a solution to a common problem or a big problem? Whether the solution relates to the environment, communications, food or services, wanting to see your solution used by all can be a driving factor to becoming an entrepreneur.

4. Time: Entrepreneurs ultimately decide on their shifts and their pay checks. Usually, the more hours you invest in your business, the more money you will make. As an entrepreneur, you get to choose how you want to balance work and personal time.

5. Money: Many businesses make enough profit to pay modest salaries, pay bills and even grow. On the other hand, some start-ups turn into multi-million dollar enterprises. The possibilities are endless.

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Posted by Quenton on February 9, 2011
Becoming an entrepreneur was the best thing I could have done and continue to be. I became one because of mostly reasons 4 and 5. In a traditional job your boss decides how much time you work, how much time you have to see your family, have time for vacation, the type of car you drive, type of house you live in and more. I thought at a young age that that was to much control to give someone. So I started a online business and love it. Take advantage of the opportunity to start your own business before its to late!
Posted by Agata on February 20, 2011
I am thrilled about my decision to become an entrepreneur. It's a process, and definitely defines how far you can push yourself to pursue your passions in life. Great post!

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