Like many small businesses, yours may have started out as a one-person operation, but when your business takes off, it may be time to consider hiring others to help you meet the growing demand for your product or service. You may decide to hire more employees for your growing business because you want to:

  • Take on larger projects
  • Branch out into new areas and markets
  • Re-invest revenue into your business

Before you make the decision to hire, make sure that your business is ready. When you hire employees, you will have additional obligations and responsibilities including payroll, training, and worker safety. A few of the things you may want to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to hire are:

  • Can I cover training costs?
  • Can I afford the wages/salary of a full or part-time employee?
  • Can I sustain customer demand to keep my employees busy?

You may decide that you are not ready to take on a full or part-time employee, but you are interested in creating an intern position, or participating in a co-op program. Internships and co-op programs can help you meet your business needs, and provide those people with valuable business experience. You can learn more about apprenticeship programs, hiring youth, and finding skilled workers by visiting the Employment Ontario website.

Hiring an employee is a serious commitment, so choose the best option for your business. When your business is ready, hiring employees can be a great way to help your business grow.

To learn more about hiring and business growth, visit the Ways to Grow Your Business and Hiring employees sections of the website.