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August 22, 2011 - TAGS: Employers

Attracting outstanding employees can give your business a competitive edge — but how do you set yourself apart from other employers? Offering attractive benefits can play a significant role in recruitment and help you compete with larger organizations that may be able to offer higher salaries.

Offering attractive benefits can help you:

Being recognized as a great place to work can also help you attract and retain top talent. As you set out to become an employer of choice, you may want to consider offering some of the following benefits:

Demonstrating strong business values can also help you attract employees. Discovering synergy between your organizational and individual values can be a compelling draw for potential recruits. You may even want to develop a corporate social responsibility plan to help you attract new employees.

Another factor that can influence job-seekers is workplace environment. Employee recognition programs, a positive organizational culture, and a reputation for nurturing talent can go a long way to make your business an attractive choice for potential employees.

Visit Human Resources and Skills Development Canada's page on Work-Life Balance in Canadian Workplaces (Link no longer valid) to learn more about implementing work-life balance practices in your business. For more information on recruiting and managing employees, visit our Hiring employees page.


Posted by Clegane on November 10, 2011
Interesting article. I lost a good
Employee in September and it has been hard to find someone with the skills to replace her. Some of your ideas look like good incentives that could work for my business.

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